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Designed to attract younger customers, the TVS Wego is a small scooter that has sharp styling edges and uses digital features such as an upgraded instrumental panel that displays the condition and performance of the machine. It also contains a mobile charging point to handily charge your devices while you are riding on the tracks, a LED taillight with sharp brightness in the dark, and an optional front disc to provide a better braking system.

The Wego 110 scooter has successfully become one of the best technology in its segment. At Carisoko, TVS Wego is an excellent option that you can purchase if you want a natural and comfortable riding around town.

The TVS Wego has a sharp and edgy styling with vibrant graphics. Its front bodywork is pointy, and a similar design for the tail section with upgraded LED lights that complete the machine's look. The scooter uses a quality instrumental panel that offers responsive functions, and its well-equipped parts, including the overall bodywork of the scooter, is very satisfying.

The Wego scooter places the rider in an upright position by making it easier for the rider to hold the handlebar flawlessly. The floorboard of the machine is spacious enough for the rider to place his feet comfortably, and it has a long seat, which is wide enough to give the rider some leverage to move around without stress. The scooter's front suspension comprises of telescopic forks that enables the machine to tackle irregularities on the road and also operates with a rear gas-charged shocker that enhances the damping aspects of the suspension.

The Wego 110 uses an engine that displaces at 109.7cc and generates 8 BHP of power at 7,500 RPM and 8 NM of torque at 5,500 RPM. Its engine also functions with the celebrated CTVI technology for a suitable combination of mileage and performances at all velocities. The TVS group equipped the Wego scooter with a gearless transmission to make it easier for a rider to use the machine skillfully.

It is a safe scooter to use because it comes with 130mm drum brakes as standard at both wheel sections. However, there is an available optional front disc brake for adequate stopping power, especially during unpleasant road situations. Furthermore, the scooter uses a tubeless tire on its 12 inches wheels, which offer sufficient strength, and they do not deflate quickly in case of an opening.  

The TVS Wego goes at a milage of 62 Kmpl, which is reasonable enough. Riding carefully with at least 5 liters of fuel tank capacity, you can expect to travel at 300 km in one full tank. 

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At, the TVS Wego goes at prices ranging from RWF 1,100,000 upwards. You can also negotiate with the seller locally by offering your price. The TVS WEGO is a reliable scooter to have in Rwanda.

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