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The Toyota Rav4 is a reliable compact SUV available for your family road trips. This brand is a car of expertise. It has excellent and upgraded features to offer an effortless driving experience in your journeys.


In support of the claim, it is worthwhile to review the features of the car. Toyota Rav4 is one of the most portables, but athletic small crossover cars in the world, very comfortable, packed with technology, and easy to drive.

The SUV is well designed and equipped with features to make it outstanding from other brands of cars. Cars essential such as the standard feature in style, interiors, and exteriors, including the engine mechanisms, are all part of the comfort compact Rav4 designed to attract and make you fall in love with the car,  anywhere, and at any time.
At, the Toyota Rav4 is an incredible compact SUV to purchase for family purposes in Rwanda. The Rav4 is an easy to drive SUV equipped with quality features to provide excellent driving in both cities and freeway roads. 

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The interior

Part of the Toyota Rav4's interior includes a standard eight airbag system that helps to reduce injury during a road accident. These eight airbag features are well-positioned at the driver and his front passenger's seat. At the front passenger's seat, there are airbags placed side by side, and the driver has a positioned knee airbag. The car front passenger seat also has a -cushion airbag together with the front and rear side curtain airbags. 

Another interior part of the Toyota Rav4 is the star safety system. The star safety system is a smart technology built to keep everyone in the car safe. It is a suite of six advanced safety features designed to keep people out of harm during dangerous road situations. Part of this safety system is enhanced vehicle stability control (VSC), traction control( (TRAC), anti-lock brake system (ABS), Electronic brake- force. Distribution (EBD), brake assistant stop technology (SST).

The car also has an equipped panoramic glass roof, and there is an elevated driving experience through this new level of refinement. The panoramic glass roof uses premium materials, and you can open it from the inside. Another cool interior feature is the JA audio system, which enhances the soundtrack of every adventure of Rav4's JBL system. Eight thousand watts of total power is what is needed to run 11 speakers in nine locations of the next-gen system, together with the front tweeter of the car.

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The exterior 

The exterior design of the car gives it a full personality. Rav4 sits wider with an extended wheelbase that gives it an aggressive instance. There is a wheel flared fender, and sharp creases add to its tough exterior. The wheel designs also look good. The standard wheels have a unique design to compliment every model’s personality and style, from XLS's 16 inches, 5 spoke silver alloy wheels, to a limited 19- inches.

The enging

The SUV uses a dynamic force 2.5 liters inline four-cylinder engine that produces 203 horsepower for considerable acceleration. Its engine operates with a direct-shift 8- speed electronic controlled transmission that shifts the power smoothly and efficiently throughout your road journeys. The SUV also uses a multi-linked suspension that makes it possible for you to enjoy a smooth ride that delivers driving confidence. Its rear suspension assists in improving the handling and drive control of the vehicle. Take note that the Rav4 2020 has three distinctive driving modes - The Eco Mode, Sport Mode, and EV mode. All modes give you the benefit of enjoying the full driving experience of the Toyota Rav4.

The compact SUV runs 25 MPG in the city and 33 MPG in highways, which makes it very fuel-efficient.

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For more details, here is a short YouTube video on the Toyota Rav4 2020 -

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