Since the industrial revolution, human life has drastically improved. Lives have been made easier, and intricate tasks are completed in the blink of an eye. However, this has brought some extreme consequences as well. For example, since the first car was invented and presented to the public, the gases the later models emitted have inflicted an alarming amount of damage to the atmosphere. As a result, the risks of serious and, in some cases, fatal diseases have increased.

To take preventive measures, the government of Botswana has decided to invite all foreign and local companies to manufacture EVs (Electric Vehicles) in their country. The government has plans to work with manufacturing companies to ensure a safe atmosphere for the people of Botswana. In addition, the government has proposed easy rules and laws to promote E-vehicles to achieve a cleaner environment.

The main targeted vehicles by the government can accommodate several people at once. This includes passenger vehicles (sedans), utility vehicles, public transport, city buses, and much more to be run on electricity instead of petroleum or other oil-based fuels.

The Botswana government's primary intention is to partner with manufacturing companies to aid their work. The result of this partnership is to produce EVs and all required elements on the way to be further supplied to the regional and local markets. This would help boost the outcome of useful products to help soon.

The agencies involved in this partnership are The Botswana Corporation Ltd., the Citizens Entrepreneur Development Organization, the Botswana Trade and Investment Centre, and the Botswana Academy for Technological Innovation and Research. For the Executive Director of the eMobility project, Email: For more details on this project, contact this person in person, by fax, or by Email.

Caller ID: (+267) 360 7500

Conditions FOR SUBMITTAL AND End Dates

Statements of interest ought to be sent to the address provided, properly marked "Production OF AN Electric Car IN BOTSWANA," either personally or by the shipping company:

Permanently appointed assistant

Department of Finance, Trade, and Industry's Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Botswana Commerce and Profit Centers 

Off PG Matante Road, Plot 54351

District Central Business (CBD)

Exponential Structure Gaborone

Tel: +267 3633300

Fax: +267 3181941/ +267 3170452

By Friday, May 12, 2022, at 1600 hours, the EOI must be handed to the address above (Botswana time)

This initiative by Botswana will help sustain a healthy atmosphere for future generations. And being a part of the South African region, Botswana is rich in minerals to supply manufacturing companies to develop electric vehicles.

Taking the first step in preserving the climate is extremely vital to ensure the well-being of everyone. Unfortunately, despite numerous warnings from climate experts, many countries, mainly the poor ones, have not made any advancements to protect the environment from a climatic disaster.