The chairman of Volkswagen Group in South Africa recently announced his intention to develop a pan-African initiative. The organization has recently spent 20 million dollars in Rwanda. This opening  in Rwanda is considered as a launching pad, and would certainly be a major opportunity for the African American market.

Volkswagen is used to setting up actions in emerging countries. He is currently on a groundbreaking assignment that would contribute to a sustainable car sector in Africa. For instance the Polo Vivo meeting was setup on the opposite side of the continent, and the automobile body components are supplied from Saudi Arabia for assembly. The yearly production would be sustainable in for a long run. Not only is the high mass manufacturing for the national, but also the rest of the continent.

Saudi Arabia's automobile manufacturers have had their sights on since 2015, when the Association of African Auto Manufacturers was created with the intent of unlocking the potential of the automotive sector in Africa. Actually, working with other African nations could be mutually beneficial. They are said to be in discussion with respect to nations like Ghana and Ethiopia as well.