Dan Munyuza, the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIP) in charge of Operations called for a meeting with motorists at Amahoro National Stadium to sensitize them on the importance of prioritizing their safety. Kigali alone has approximately 20,000 commercial motorists operating. He called upon the motorists to stop reckless driving and value their safety on the roads. According to the current statistics, motorists are the second leading cause of accidents in Rwanda.

The reports indicate that 1765 motorist were involved in accidents between January and October. Sadly, some even lost lives, and between July and October, motorists account for 18.7% of fatal accidents recorded in Rwanda. DIP added that the loss of a motorist was a loss to the family, friends and the nation. Considering that in the event of an accident, funds are incurred for medical expenses, manpower loss; orphans are left adding another burden and other losses. He emphasized on the need of motorists to observe the traffic guidelines while on duty.

Munyuza appealed to his audience telling them that they are in the business to earn a living and generate revenues for the government. They are therefore required to regulate their speed and ride when they are sober. Moreover, they need to put on helmets for protection in case of an accident. Munyuza also assured them that the police officers will be available to ensure the roads are safe for all.

The DIP also talked about the current corruption experienced from the motorcycle cooperatives. He said that fresh investigations are being conducted and justice shall prevail when one is found guilty of embezzling funds. It’s recorded that motorists pay membership and monthly contribution for the motorcycle cooperatives yet there lacks transparency in the usage of the funds.