During the life of your vehicle (whether new or used), repairs and corrections are necessary. There are several types of maintenance of your car in Rwanda, Carisoko gives them to you:

Current Maintenance

Routine maintenance, which can be done on your own and requires only a few minutes or hour per month. It allows preserving its vehicle in good state, carrying out some works. For this purpose, you can:

  • Take care of the bodywork: clean the car, repair surface scratches
  • Monitor and complete the levels: engine oil level, coolant, steering fluid, brake fluid, washer.
  • Check the battery and change it if it shows signs of weakness
  • Examine the tire wear and tire pressure, a simple reflex to perform at a service station. You can take advantage of this to examine the condition of your rims for each wheel.
  • Maintain the passenger compartment: clean the interior of the car, floor mats, and seats. Degrease inner windows and dust the dashboard for hygiene!
  • Clean the windows and degrease the windscreen, essential for good visibility. Change the wiper blades, which rubber have the annoying tendency to dry in the sun

Maintenance that may require the services of a professional in Rwanda

Some maintenance work requires the presence of an expert who can better perform the task. This may include servicing air conditioning and possibly replacing defective fuses, replacing burnt out bulbs and adjusting the headlights. Check the operation of accessories such as brakes, tires, GPS (upgrade), etc.

New equipment on recent cars, including headlights and reversing radars, are very expensive to maintain.

The car revision in Rwanda

Depending on the maintenance and warranty of your vehicle, periodic revision is required to examine, rectify and replace certain parts. The operations carried out during each revision depend on the mileage and the manufacturer's recommendations. During the revision, a professional in Rwanda can also detect possible failures and make a first diagnosis.


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