If you want to buy a used car in Kigali and Rwanda, then we give you some important information. Used cars are quite popular in Rwanda in recent years because they are cheaper and more affordable than new ones. However, before you launch into a rushed purchase, here are some tips to follow.

The city of Kigali and Rwanda

The city of Kigali was declared the most beautiful city in Africa in 2016 and arguably the cleanest city on the continent. Since August 24, no vehicles are allowed in the heart of the capital of Rwanda. Today, the city has a population of nearly 1.1 million and has beautiful tarmac and lighted streets linking all parts of the city.

The cleanliness is exemplary, to the point of being able to compete with any other European cities, which is very surprising on the part of an African capital.

Buying a used car in Kigali and Rwanda

For your travels in the city, you can buy a used car in Kigali through the internet or specialized advertisements and magazines. When you have an appointment, go preferably during the day, and watch the car outdoors. Take the time to make the complete turn, and look at all the silhouette. Open the doors and close them, check the inside and the accessories.

Go up and start the car to check if the brakes, shocks and even the engine are still in good condition. Do not forget:

  • Wipers
  • Speakers
  • Internal accessories, etc ...

 Look also at the mileage to see if it matches the one given on the announcement.

Buy from a professional dealer

Some people buy their second-hand cars from professional dealers because they provide cars in very good condition with better guarantees. However, you must pay attention to prices that are sometimes exaggerated. A good preparation can provide you the best used car in Kigali and Rwanda.