If your garage visits often turn into a nightmare, before you have your car repaired in Rwanda, be prepared! Carisoko gives you some useful tips if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The key to success: choosing the right repair professional

Do you need to deal with the dealer, the independent garage or the one that specializes? If the repair requires your vehicle to still be covered by its warranty, you should prioritize the dealer. Once the protection expires, the latter remains an excellent intermediary with the manufacturer.

However, because the price of dealers is usually one of the highest in the industry, you may want to consider the independent garage, which usually requires less money in Rwanda. For special repairs such as bodywork or transmission, specialized garage is often the best choice.

How to choose your garage in Rwanda?

The good old word-of-mouth is obviously effective, as are the recommendations of motorists' associations. Even the best garage mechanic or the most equipped in diagnostic gadgets is not soothsayer. Therefore, you have to describe the problem - after all, no one knows your vehicle better than you do.

To do this, you must:

  • Look under your car
  • Examine under his hood: do you see anything unusual?
  • Strain the ear and try to see where the noise comes from and when it is happening: in cold weather or when the car is warmed up? Morning or evening? In acceleration or braking?
  • Do you smell burnt rubber?
  • Do you feel vibrations in the steering wheel at the wheels?

To make you understand by the technician, do not hesitate to ask him a test on the road.

Make an appointment

The most friendly garage owner is not always in the best position when he is in the middle of his activities. Make an appointment and once there, ask for a written evaluation or an estimate of the work. This repair is impossible to estimate without dismantling a few parts. You may decide to pay the costs of this diagnosis, which can be incorporated into the invoice if you accept the suggested work.

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