A pickup also called SUT (sport utility truck), is a light commercial vehicle with a dumpster or open space at the rear. This type of vehicle has become very popular among the brands and can prove practical when it comes to carrying bicycles or other bulky items. Carisoko gives you a quick market study on which Pick-Up is considered the best in 2017.

Characteristics of pickups

There are all-terrain models, such as the Land Rover Defender and the Nissan Patrol, which also have a pickup version. There are also pick-ups derived from sedans. Small pickups, such as the Chevrolet Montana (derived from the Opel Corsa) or the Fiat Strada (derived from the Fiat Palio) are very popular today.

Nissan Navara Pickup

The Nissan NAVARA has quickly established itself as a new reference in the pickup market. It combines the best of the brand leadership and an experience of more than 80 years in the pick-up market. This new model improves comfort and quality while maintaining NAVARA's robustness, load capacity and off-road capability. The NAVARA has reached a level of refinement, style, comfort, quality, and technology never achieved in the pick-up market.

Mitsubishi L200 Pickup

Transforming your everyday tasks into pleasant activities, the new L200 shines with its generous loading capacity and longevity, qualities associated with an attractive style and a spacious cockpit. A strategic model, the L200 has been designed for excellence, combining reliability, robustness, interior comfort and maneuverability. Responding to the increasingly diverse needs of pick-up customers in the world.

The new MIVEC Turbo Diesel 2.4-liter engine (4N15) of this new L200 allows a 17% reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 169g / km with a six-speed manual transmission.

Toyota Hilux Pickup

Since its launch, this pick-up has attracted all eyes wherever it goes. With its chassis and body structure redesigned, the new Toyota Hilux is the pick-up par excellence. More sturdy, more robust and more gifted than ever, it is now a new skin with a strong design, offering a level of driving pleasure, comfort and exceptional equipment.

Designed to tackle everything, difficult terrain or stress of everyday life, nothing impresses him. Longer, wider, but also lower, the New Hilux gains in presence while offering superior skills and crossing capabilities.


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