Foreigners have something to smile about when it comes to traveling to Rwanda.

It is a country that offers foreigners permission of one year to use international permits unlike other countries in Africa. After one year and you wish to extend your stay, you have to apply for a Rwandan driving license. While on your stay in Rwanda, you should consider the following traffic rules.

  • You must have third-party insurance
  • Permissible alcohol in the blood of drivers is 0.08% otherwise exceeding this calls for one to be fined and jailed for 24 hours
  • All car occupants must fasten their safety belts
  • Drivers must maintain right while driving
  • Unless mobile phone is equipped with hands-free kit, their usage while driving is illegal
  • Motorists must use helmet
  • Minimum driving age is 18 years and 20 years for categories A & B and C, D, E & F respectively
  • Vehicles in traffic have the right of way
  • Speed is limited to 60 km/h and 40 km/h in provinces and towns respectively
  • Police emergency number is 112, and traffic report accident number is 113

During your stay in Rwanda, traffic officers may stop and search the car and luggage, and you should always carry your driving license, insurance documents, and vehicle registration documents. Moreover, you should beware that during rainy seasons some roads may be impassable and it is advisable to use 4WD vehicles.